"My Grandfather, Avrum Alpert lived in Radomyshl until his death at 96, approximately 1912. During his lifetime he entered into 5 marriages producing many children. My father, Icka, (who changed his name to Jacob Albert at Ellis Island) was the last of his children and the only child of the 5th wife.
Avrum was a fabric peddler who traveled between Kiev and his home. As a religious person he was always home for the Sabbath and left after morning services on Monday. There never was a discussion about his brothers and sisters being only half related to him through his father because they all considered themselves, brothers and sisters.
It has been very difficult putting the family tree together because like so many others we waited to long before we started and being the youngest child of Icka/Jacob many of my relatives had already died. Here is the best I can do.
Starting in 1900 the children of Avrum-Meyer began leaving Radomyshl to go to the U.S. Some kept the name Alpert others changed it to Albert. There is much confusion as to the original name but using the Business Directory available under the Radomyshl Archive web site, I learned that there are no listed Albertís only Alpertís so I am assuming that the correct name is Alpert. My father who was born in 1888 completed the 8th grade and then was apprenticed to a tannery located in town. Around his 17th year realizing that we would be drafted into the army he made his way to Antwerp and around May 8 1906 he boarded the SS Zeeland arriving at Ellis Island on May 15th 1906, one month past his 18th birthday. He went to live with his brother, Schia (Sam), in Brooklyn.
As best that I can piece together the products of the 4th wife were Harry Alpert and Rose Albert. Rose married a first cousin Dave Kipnis, and so we will pick up the Kipnis tree later in this letter. We know of one son of the 3rd marriage, Schia (Sam) Albert and one daughter who settled in Detroit Michigan. I am also aware of one son and daughter from the 2nd marriage. The daughter settled in Canada and we were friendly with the son of the son. His name was Nathan Alpert and he had 2 male children. Somewhere in my distant memory I recall being told that the first wife has at least one son who had 2 female children both who became nurses and were killed in the Crimea War (1854). The dates seem reasonable.
As you would expect all of the first generation and most of the second except for my brother and myself and several cousins are gone. I have lots of 3rd generation names but they are pretty meaningless. My grandfather Avrum had a sister Faigel Alpert who married Label Kipnis. Together they had 12 children. Sam, Dave, Harry and Schale they came to the U.S. prior to 1908. Itzek, Nathan, Orvie, Rivka, Easther and 3 other unknown children remained in either Kiev or Radomyshl. Many of the family Kipnis tree stems from my Aunt Faigel and Uncle Label. All of their children were my first cousins and their children my second cousins. I am in touch with only 2, the children of Rose and Dave Kipnis. I am sending them a copy of this letter so they may make additions and corrections. These cousins, Ken and Milt Kipnis, stay in touch with other Kipnis family members.
My father Jacob Albert is buried in the Old Mount Carmel Cemetery at 83-45 Cypress Hills Street Queens NY 11385 in a section reserved for members of the Radomyshl Benevolent Association. He bought his plots from them in the early 30ís.
Below left a picture of the 4 Albert/Alpertís that remained close." Right a picture taken in 1934 at a family circle of all the Albert alive and living in the New York area at that time."

Gene Albert

Albert family pictures

Left to right:
Schia Albert, Harry Alpert, Rose Kipnis, and Jacob.
Bottom row left to right: Harold Albert (my brother and President of family circle), Melvin Albert (son of Nathan), Bert Albert (my brother), Gene Albert (me in fathers lap), Jacob Albert (my father), unknown, unknown, unknown.
2nd row from bottom left to right: Harry Fogelson in front of wife Louise Fogelson(Sam (Schia) Alpert's daughter), unknown name but Harry Alperts daughter, Sadie Harry Alpert's wife and mother to female on left, Lillian Albert (not my sister), unknown name but Sam Alperts wife, next 3 females are unknown, Bertha Dietch was an Albert but married the Dietch only name we knew, Ida Albert (my mother).
Top row left to right: Louise Alpert Rosenbluth (Sam's Alpert daughter and married to) Sidney Rosenbluth, unknown name but Harry Alpert's son in law, Leonard Albert (son of Nathan), Nathan Albert, Harry Alpert, next 2 males unknown, next female unknown, next male unknown, Sam (Schia) Alpert, The Dietch (only known by that name.

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