A Chronicle of Jewish Martyrdom.
Simon Wiesenthal. Henry Holt and Co. New York. 1989.

1919 February 16

Insurgents under the hetman Sokolovski, ally of Simon Petlyura and the Ukrainian National Army, carry out a pogrom in Radomysl in the Russian district of Kiev. Many Jews are massacred and many others seriously wounded and mutilated.

1919 March 11

Insurgents under the command of their hetman Sokolovski, carry out a second pogrom in Radomysl in the district of Kiev, Ukrainian S.S.R., where they had already massacred Jews the previous month. The pogrom lasts three days; 33 Jews are murdered and many are wounded or mutilated by saber cuts.

1919 May 25

During a third pogrom in four months, 400 Jews are slaughtered and many Jewish women raped by allies of Simon Petlyura's Ukrainian National Army in Radomysl, district of Kiev.

1942 July 17

From Radomysl, Ukrainian S.S.R., 1,500 Jews are deported to the Dembica labor camp.

1942 October 29

The remaining 800 Jews of Radomysl, Ukrainian S.S.R., are murdered by the SS.

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