The Holocaust victims list of Radomyshl (more than 400 family names), which was completed by Soviets in 1945.

The Holocaust victims list  (89 persons) of Radomyshl, which was provided by Yad Vashem. This list includes information from Yad Vashem's Pages of Testimony.

JewishGen's Holocaust Database.

Holocaust Name List.

Yad Vashem 

The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority

Yad Vashem is the Holocaust memorial of the Jewish people. Located on Har Hazikaron (the Mount of Remembrance) in Jerusalem, Israel, it was established in 1953 by an act of the Israeli Knesset. Situated on 45 acres (180 dunam), Yad Vashem is a complex of museums, monuments, research, teaching and resource centers.

The Holocaust (in Hebrew Shoah) spanned the years 1933 to 1945, the time that Germany was under Nazi rule and the Nazi regime occupied large portions of the European continent. Nazi Germany was guided by racist-antisemitic principles. Germans were deemed members of the superior "Aryan" race that was destined to rule the world; in contrast, the Jews were regarded as the "destructive race." Ultimately this lethal ideology led to the policy of systematic mass murder of Jews that became known as" the Final Solution of the Jewish problem."

These events are of immense significance for the contemporary world. By directing visitors to confront this history, we hope to stimulate them to grapple with issues that strike at our basic nature as human beings and to gain insights about our societies and ourselves. Click here to learn about the Yad Vashem.

U.S. Holocaust Museum 

The Washington, D.C. museum has a database of documents you can search for references to Zhitomir region. Click here to launch your search, or here to learn about the museum and its archives.

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