Postcards of Radomyshl of 1900th-1910th from Eli Kislyuk Collection. The postcards were published by Eli's great grandfather Elya Zayezdny in Radomyshl. They were collected by Alexander Pirogov who lives in Radomyshl today. Eli Kislyuk have purchased the postcards, scanned and restored them (16 postcards).

The pictures of Radomyshl from Boris Feldblyum Collection (1983, 2 photos).

Photos of Radomyshl from Barry Twersky Collection (1993, 12 photos).

Photos of Radomyshl from Chantal Minsky Collection (1994, 10 photos).

Photos of Radomyshl from Dvora Aviv Collection (2002, 12 photos).

Photos of Radomyshl resident Alexander Pirogov (2002, 4 photos).

Rusanovskaya Street in Radomyshl about 100 years ago. Aquarel work.


The family of Elya Zayezdny.

1910 school picture of forty boys and two teachers. Provided by Bernice Heister.

Look at these old photos. Could you recognize anybody? The photos were provided by Bernice Heister.

Two photos from 1910-1911 were provided by Joyce Rubin and Bernice Heister. Perhaps someone can identify the women on the photos.

The family of Alberts/Alperts (story & photos).

Photo of Samuel Malin (Machnatsky), provided by Marion Cohen.

Photos provided by Barry Twersky.

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