by Alan Wachtel
Palo Alto, California

There was a Radomyshl landsmanshaft in Chicago, the Radomyshler Unterstitzung Verein or R.U.V., which owned a cemetery plot there. I've spoken to the surviving trustee, but haven't found anything illuminating. Sidney Sorkin's book "Bridges to an American City," about Chicago landsmanshaftn, contains the following information:

Incorporated on February 17, 1937 and again on May 15, 1941.

RADOMISHLER UNTERSTEITZUNG VEREIN CEMETERY: Menorah Gardens; Sexton, Lebovitz & Co., Inc. References: AJC 1939, JPI Yearbook, Piser Guide, Shtetl Finder.

The Radomishler Untersteitzung Verein was founded in 1901, and in the course of its existence there were a Ladies Aid Society and a Ladies Auxiliary. The Aid Society was incorporated in 1937 and the following women were the trustees: Goldie Feinerman, Rebecca Auerbach, Sarah Share, Rose Dacks, Anna Weitzman, Sarah Siegel, and Anna Cagan. The trustees of the Auxiliary were Eva Winer, Bertha Sigland, Bessie Klinsky, Sophie Gelfand, Laudy Solganick, Bertha Rosenberg, Sophie Kushner, Lillian Brodsky, Bessie Lisker, Mary Cagan, and Mollie Kessler.

A full page advertisement was in the AJC 1939 yearbook, with a greeting from the R. U. V. The officers, board and various committee members are listed below:

H. Baines, Ex-President; H. Brodsky, Vice-President; M. Cagan, Financial Secretary; L. Rosenberg, Inside Guard; L. Gelfand, Legal Advisor; A. Bernick, President; E. Gelfand, Treasurer; D. Shapiro, Recording Secretary; D. Winer, Hospitaler; S. Finerman, Board of Candidates.

H. Kushner, Chairman; A. Dacks, Treasurer; D. Winer, Superintendent; Irving Abrams, Legal Advisor; L. Kessler, H. Zindel, H. Klinsky, Trustees; E. Gelfand, Vice-Chairman; A. Wernick, Secretary; S. Finerman, Asst. Superintendent.

H. Brodsky was the Chairman of the Executive Committee, and D. Shapiro was the Secretary. The other members were S. Kopp, M. Schechtman, H. Klinsky, J. Solganick, Max Siegel, and Kay Winer. The other Trustees listed were L. Kessler, H. M. Cohen, and M. Friedman. Mrs. Weitzman was sister of the Sick. The vital Distress Committee consisted of I. Gelfand, M. Litovsky and J. Share. Dr. J. Fishman, of 3802 W. Roosevelt Road, was the Medical Examiner. This is the first organization to list two legal advisors, one for the verein and one for the cemetery. The presence of a medical examiner would indicate that they also had a beneficial program.

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