Look at these old photos of 1911.
Could anybody identify the girls here?
The photos were provided by Bernice Heister.

Bernice Berman Heister wrote:
"These pictures were taken in Radomyshl in 1911. They are studio pictures of my mother and friends of hers. My mother Rose Chipovetsky is the girl that is in all three pictures with the dress with two rows buttons on the bodice of her dress. Also, my Aunt Ray Chipovetsky is in the third picture with the book on her lap. The other girls are not identified. All I know is that they were her girlsfriends and the pictures were taken as a remembrance because my mother was leaving to go to America. They were taken in August and my mother came to America in October of that year. The girls were about my mother's age which was thirteen years old. One of the pictures has the date, my mother's name and "Radomyshl" on it. The name of the photographer is stamped on all of them. Perhaps someone could identify the other girls."

In order to look at the pictures in bigger size click the right button of your mouse, when it is on the image and open it.

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