These postcards were published by my great grandfather Elya Zayezdny in Radomyshl. Elya owned a printing house, sold books, paper and writing goods, published local newspaper and managed a library.
Radomyshl resident Alexander Pirogov was finding out and collecting these postcards during last 30 years. Recently he decided to sell them to me as to descendant of Elya Zayezdny. I have scanned the postcards, restored and repaired them.
Below you can see the images of Radomyshl which were created about 100 years ago.
If you would like to get printed copies of higher quality, please email me.

Eli Kislyuk

Prisutstvennaya Street
In the corner building on left side was located the business
of Elya Zayezdny who had published these postcards
Alexandrovskaya Street
The building of Zayezdny's business on right side

"Entrance to the town from the first bridge"

The Synagogue
Burnt in 1921
The school for the boys
One of the several survived buildings
The school
One of the several survived buildings
The Boulevard
The monument of Tsar Alexander II
View of city hall and water tower

View from water tower
to the right side of the town
View from water tower
to the left side of the town
The Catholic chirch

The Orthodox Cathedral

View of the town from Teterev River
There are women's baths on the river bank

Rusanovskaya Street
The wrong description on the postcard:
Rugalovskaya Street
The three-storey house on the left end of the street is the synagogue
The city center

The Theater

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