"My father came from Radomyshl. His name in America was Samuel MALIN. His name originally had been MACHNATSKY. Two of his brothers came to America. The first one to come was Jacob, who came first, then my father, and then my Uncle Leon. The three brothers are no gone. There were about eleven brothers and sisters in the family who never left Russia, as far as I know. I will now send this to the Radomyshl site and maybe I will get some feedback."

Marion Cohen
Norwalk, Connecticut

The picture was taken in Radomyshl. There are the photographer's name and the town of Radomyshl on the bottom of the front and on the reverse side. The reverse side has also the name of Marion's father: "Samuil Haikelevich (the son of Haikel) Mochnatsky".

The name of photographer is V.B.Grzibovsky.

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