Small family stories

"My father came from Radomyshl. His name in America was Samuel MALIN. His name originally had been MACHNATSKY. Two of his brothers came to America. The first one to come was Jacob, who came first, then my father, and then my Uncle Leon. The three brothers are no gone. There were about eleven brothers and sisters in the family who never left Russia, as far as I know. I will now send this to the Radomyshl site and maybe I will get some feedback."

Marion Cohen
Norwalk, Connecticut

"My mother was born in Radomysl and lived there until she came to the U.S. at age 16 in 1923. Her father, Avram Melamed, left Radomysl in 1911. He came to the U.S. with his two oldest daughters. They were to work and accumulate funds to have the rest of the family come. My grandfather came into the U.S. through the Port of Galveston. I have all of the records. For a reason which I have not been able to determine, he immediately changed his name to Miller and came to Chicago. He left his wife Eydce (maiden name Bruchman), and in order of age, daughter Basel (Bessie), daughter Faigle (Fanny) my mother, son Mottel (Max). All of these arrived in the U.S. through Ellis Island in 1923. My grandfather sent them funds in about 1919. This was the period of the pogroms and as a youngster my mother often told me stories of the 2 or 3 years that it took my grandmother and 3 children to flee from the "bandits" until they arrived in Antwerp. They slept in forests and in barns and were constantly hungry. I believe, but am not sure, that my grandmother was born in Radomysl. My grandfather, I believe was born in Zhitomir. My grandmother apparently left relations in Radomisl but other than a few similar names on the list of people killed by the Nazis I have no information. All of the members of my family, for many years, were active in the Radomishler Unterstitzungs Verein. My grandparents and many members of my family are buried in the Radomishler section of the Menorah Gardens cemetery in Maywood, Illinois."

Sam Schachtman
Skokie, Illinois

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