Photo of 1927
In the center of the picture my great grandparents: Elya Iosevich Zayezdny and Lesya Zayezdny, nee Belorusets.
Their children: Sofia (my grandma), Aron and Leib are sitting.
Ilya Kapelzon (Sofia's husband and my grandpa), Rosa and her husband Haskel Margovsky,
Mendel and Bella are in upper row.

My grandmother Sofia Kapelzon, nee ZAYEZDNY, was born at Radomyshl, Ukraine on1900, March 16. I know following information about her parents. Her father Elya Osipovich(the son of Osip or Iosif/Joseph) ZAYEZDNY died about 1927 in Radomyshl and her motherLesya (Elisaveta or Luisa) Alexandrovna ZAYEZDNY, nee BELORUSETS, was born about1865 and died in 1939.My grandmother's family lived in Radomyshl until 1920th or 1930th. There are some dataabout their 7 children which were living after 1900. Their names were Bella, Mendel, Aron,Leib, Rosa, Sofia and Grigory (Sunya) Zayezdny. I edited The Zayezdny Family Historyabout these people and their descendants. The tree of the family presently includes 85 personsover six generations, who live in six countries. They are descendants of these 7 children of Elya and Lesya. I also know that they had four other children, three of them died in infancy, and another one, the eldest daughter Charna , died when she was approximately 18 years old from tuberculosis.Elya and Lesya owned a book store and printing plant in Radomyshl. Their children helped Elya in this business. In summer 1969, my uncle Alexander Zayezdny and his wife Valentina,who lived then in Moscow and now in Israel, visited Radomyshl and found the original house of Elya - it was located on streets Pochtovaya and Prisutsvennaya (former names, they found the streets according to the locals directions). The house was one-storey, fairly large. Theyalso visited he cemetery and found the tombstone of Elya. They also found one other tombstonewith the name of A-M (or M-A) Zayezdny, but nobody in the family seemed to know anythingabout him - not his name, or his relation or whatever. On this tombstone was death date - 1938.My uncles told me the following version about origin of surname ZAYEZDNY. In Russian andother slavic languages "zayezdny" means "visitor", "passer-by". Obviously, Elya was first withthis surname, because he was a visitor, a new man in the town, and so had this nick name. In 1861the serfdom was cancelled in the Russian Empire. Any Jew who hadn't a surname was given one.Evidently, Elya who only had a nick name was registered by officials as Zayezdny. Another reason they believed that he was the first bearer of this name, was the fact that our parents andgrandparents never recalled any relatives with this surname except Elya's descendants. They neverheard this name in any spelling.Another version exists also. Some of my uncles remembered that origins of Elya Zayezdny arefrom Czechoslovakia... I searched in ShtetlSeeker of JewishGen and found there two placeswith name Zajezd. So seems very possible that it was origin place of Elya's ancestors. Short time ago I found also that exist some small family in US with this surname. I've contacted withthem and cleared that they origins are also from Radomyshl. But they told me that almost all the family was murdered by Nazis in 1941. This fact recalls with my new discoveries. In the Holocaust victims list of 1941 in Radomyshl which was completed by soviet authoritiesin May of 1945, I found this surname a few times. This part of my family which lived inRadomyshl also has following surnames: KIPNIS, KHMELNITSKY, PRILUTSKY, ZINDER, FASTAVSKY, MARGOVSKY... (All of them were spouses of children of Elya and Lesya. But I am not sure that all of them were from Radomyshl.)
Eli Kislyuk

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