The meeting took a place
on January 12, 2002
in Beer Sheba, Israel.

Eli Kislyuk

Zlata EISENBERG was born in 1906 in Radomyshl and lived there until 1930. Then she moved to Kiev. When W.W.II began, she was evacuated to Saratov region of Russia. In 1947 she came back to Radomyshl. In 1995 she immigrated to Israel. Today she is 96. In circle of her family she is called Zina.

Zlata told me about my great grandfather Elya ZAYEZDNY. Until the Revolution he owned printing and publishing house, bookshop. He had published a newspaper. After the Revolution he published only evening news during a short time. Local Ukrainian labors were working in the printing house.

On our family photo she have recognized Elya’s son Leib ZAYEZDNY, who was working at the father’s bookshop. She told that Leib was helping his father in the business. She remembers as she was buying notepads there. On the photo she also recognized Elya’s daughter Rosa and her husband Haskel MARGOVSKY. She remembers them very well. Haskel’s parents owned manufactory shop. Other family of MARGOVSKYs was worked for Haskel’s parents.

She also remembers a location of the house and the business of the ZAYEZDNYs. Their house was on the corner of Pochtovaya (Lenin street – in Soviet period) and Prisutsvennaya (19 Parts’yezd street – in Soviet period). She recalled that one of Elya’s daughters was a dentist, graduated from the Institute. She didn’t know her name. (This fact wasn’t known to our family – I guess, Zlata have confused the facts.)

Zlata also explained how to find Elya’s burial place. It is situated on the left side of the cemetery, near the grave of her Uncle Meishe KOTOVSKY.

She told that Lesya, nee BELORUSETS, my great grandmother, was very beautiful woman. Among members of BELORUSETS family she recollected Shiml BELORUSETS, two his sons Sheilik and Izya (who served for "Che-Ka") and his gibbous daughter. Perhaps they were related to Lesya.

Zlata reminded Yankel ZAYEZDNY, the brother of Elya. Yankel was a cabman (“izvozchik”). He owned a pair (“parakonnaya”). She doesn’t know other ZAYEZDNYs in Radomyshl. Yankel had daughters. Eldest one was Nechama, she was known in the town, lived on the corner house near the market, other daughter’s name Zlata doesn’t remember. Yankel had also a few sons, who were cabmen too. Last one Iosif worked in Radomyshl as a cabman. Zlata doesn’t know anything about children of Iosif because in 1930 she left Radomyshl. Iosif was working in Radomyshl long time. He was preparing fruit and vegetables. He rented some gardens.

Two sisters of Zlata had immigrated to America before Bolshevik Revolution. They were married. Probably, they changed their surnames from EISENBERG to BERG and WEIS.

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